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Demo Primary School

We link experts and learners across all topics. Lessons are delivered by professional tutors. 

After registration, students can now login into the dashboard.n the student dashboard, students can view noticeboard, print their ID cards, view pending fee invoices, make payments and view their payment history. Also, they can download study materials, exam time table, admit cards and much more.

Students can access study materials from  qualified teachers  inform of  Video Classes ( Recorded Video Classes ) and Documents PNG, JPG, PDF Files or YouTube Video also.

School staff and teachers with the necessary permission can add Home Works of classes. These Home Works will show up on the student dashboard section and students get the notification on SMS, Home Works SMS details can be sent on Parents and students Mobile

Every student has a personal time table basing on the registered subjects and level. 

Students are obliged to attend zoom live classes which will be shown in their students dashboard 

Students are required to pay fees using pay now or a bank transfer on the following details:  

Students are required to attend all classes and at the end of the term, teachers will send an attendance report to both the student and parents. 

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Demo Primary School
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